New Mortgage Interest Rates

Good Day All,

I have just received information that current interest rates are possible as low as 3.25% for a 15 year fixed mortgage and 4% for a 30 year fixed. FHA, VA and USDA are available as low as 3.75%. These rates are BEST CASE SCENARIO and each applicant’s history will be considered individually.

Now is the time to buy that house you have always wanted. They are out there to be found. If you need help finding one let me know and I can make it much easier for you.

Even if you don’t qualify at this time, please speak with a mortgage specialist and take the advice they can provide to help you meet your financial goal and your home dream. Below are a few trusted mortgage counselors/officers that you may contact for more information.

Rob Peterson
Coldwell Banker Mortgage

Cindy Tolster
VA Mortgage

Dorothy Kinnaman
Mortgage Officer, RBC Bank

Thank you and God bless.


About Ancil W. Jones

I am a Christian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, DoD employee, retired Navy Hospital Corpsman Chief Petty Officer, Disabled American Veteran Service Officer and real estate broker licensed in North Carolina. Please contact me for local information, relocation information and referral assistance. I will also be happy to answer any of your real estate questions. Contact me as well for information regarding the Disabled American Veterans and/or assistance with any claim you may have or wish to submit with the VA. May God's blessings be upon the United States of America and all those that serve to protect our way of life.
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